Single Moms Doing It All

If you have teenagers that are making you go crazy, you need to listen to this episode. 

This is a powerful interview and I am so blessed to have Murieele on the show. She is full of wisdom, amazing techniques, and she can help all of the single moms out there. If I could go back in time, I would ask her to coach my mother when I was teenager, because I was horrible. So this episode hits close to home. Love you, mom!

Murielle Fellous says,

"As I was healing, I made a decision: the fear and pain had been so strong and debilitating that I made it my mission to ensure that no single mom out there should to struggle alone like I did."

In this episode, we talk about, how to:

  • identify and shift the subconscious patterns that don't serve you
  • ​Connect with your inner wisdom and your true power
  • ​Learn how to Co-parent with the Universe
  • Love yourself more 
  • Increase your inner peace and sense of self-worth
  • Feeling more supported and trusting life

If you are a fire wife with kids or have a wife and you are in wildland fire, you need to listen to this. 


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