Single Moms Doing It All

If you have teenagers that are making you go crazy, you need to listen to this episode.  This is a powerful interview and I am so blessed to have Muri...View Details

Master Your Relationships

Join me for this amazing episode with Break Up to Wake Up coach and podcast host of What's Your Leap, Jocelyn Bellows. We dive deep into what breaking...View Details

Join me for an amazing interview with Kelly Moriarty!  Kelly teaches women how to manage their stress, energy & anxiety so they can live insanely ...View Details

Chaos to Clarity

The Chaos to Clarity Reset Method


Create a clear vision for yourself and for your ultimate Mindset, Wellbeing, and Clarity

...View Details

My speech from the Virtual Youth Conference recently. I touch on everything from perception is a projection, growth mindset, five principles of succes...View Details

Elemental Soul Medicine

Join me for this amazing Interview with Laura Valenti!  We journey through mindfulness, breathwork, soul retrieval, the phoenix process, and coming ba...View Details

What is leadership?

We talk about everything leadership and why leading yourself before leading others is so important in wildland fire.   LAURA CALANDRELLA

Transform...View Details

Find Your Magic Within

Welcome my Master Practitioners of NLP, Hypnosis, and MER that I use for my clients before we start the coaching process.   Learn how to overcome adve...View Details

We go deep into our psychedelic experiences and what we learned from them.   Why preparation, protection and breathing are essential with any spiritua...View Details

Major technical Difficulties from a live Facebook interview that I turned into a podcast.   There is no audio from Alan and Cindy but you will hear me...View Details

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